“”Kim Kardashian & Hailey Bieber play Truth or Shot & make ice cream sundaes | WHO’S IN MY BATHROOM?(VIDEO)…

Kim Kardashian’s recent appearance on “Who’s in My Bathroom” delivered by Gopuff was a delightful insight into her life and friendship with the host. As the two indulged in Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, they reminisced about their long-standing friendship and shared some candid moments. From discussing Kim’s skincare journey to navigating the complexities of balancing work, family, and public scrutiny, the conversation was both entertaining and insightful.

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One of the highlights of the episode was their game of Truth or Shot, where they took turns answering probing questions or taking shots of tequila. Kim revealed her preference for makeup sex, her biggest turn-offs (hint: hygiene is key), and even admitted to being a member of the mile-high club. However, when asked about her celebrity crush, Kim chose to keep it private, sparking speculation and leaving fans intrigued.

Throughout the episode, Kim’s candidness and wisdom shone through. She shared valuable insights about navigating public scrutiny, staying focused amidst chaos, and finding inner peace amid life’s challenges. Her friendship with the host, evident in their banter and mutual support, added a layer of authenticity to the conversation.

In the end, despite some hilarious moments and candid revelations, Kim emerged as the winner of the game. As per the rules, the host had to post a photo of Kim on her Instagram story, adding a fun conclusion to their entertaining encounter.

Overall, Kim Kardashian’s appearance on “Who’s in My Bathroom” was a delightful blend of humor, honesty, and friendship, offering fans a glimpse into the life of one of the most iconic figures in pop culture.

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