“”Kim Kardashian Reveals North West’s MEANEST Comment Ever (video)…

Kim Kardashian West recently opened up about the challenges of motherhood and shared some candid moments about her relationship with her daughter, North West. In a video on Ellen Tube, Kim revealed that the meanest thing her eight-year-old daughter has ever said to her is criticizing her house, calling it “ugly” because it’s all white. Despite Kim’s admission that the jab does hurt, she acknowledges that moms are human too and can be affected by such comments.

Kim Kardashian Reveals North West's Cruelest Insult For Her Yet! - Perez  Hilton

Kim also discussed traits of hers that she sees reflected in her children, such as her love for makeup. While she acknowledges they may be too young for it, she finds joy in their creativity, like when North experiments with makeup looks and special effects. Kim shared one of North’s creations on Instagram, showcasing her daughter’s talent and imagination.

However, Kim also admits to her parenting failures, particularly in giving in too easily to bribes. Despite this, she offers a piece of advice to aspiring parents: everyone’s winging it, so just go with the flow and figure it out as you go along.

In addition to discussing her parenting experiences, Kim reflected on her recent SNL hosting debut, acknowledging the pressure to perform well but ultimately enjoying the experience. She had support from friends and family, including her estranged husband Kanye West, who was in the audience during her opening monologue.

Kim’s openness about her parenting journey extends beyond this recent interview. In 2017, she expressed her hope that her children would learn the value of hard work and find their own motivation in life, drawing inspiration from her own experiences watching her parents work hard. She emphasizes the importance of not pressuring her children but providing guidance and setting expectations for them to do their best.

Overall, Kim Kardashian West’s reflections on motherhood highlight the complexities and challenges of parenting while also celebrating the joys and lessons learned along the way. From dealing with criticism from her daughter to embracing their creativity, Kim’s journey as a mother offers insights into the universal experience of raising children.

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