“”Kim Kardashian TAKES A HARD STRIKE After Travis Barker Slapped Her For Blackmailing Kourtney – News

It seems like there’s a lot of drama swirling around the Kardashian family, particularly involving Kim, Courtney, and Travis Barker. Let’s break down the situation:

Kim Kardashian GONE MAD After Travis Barker Slapped Her For Blackmailing Kourtney - YouTube

Firstly, there’s a history of tension between Kim and Courtney, stemming from Courtney’s perceived detachment from the family business and her unwillingness to conform to Kim and Kris’s expectations. This tension has been brewing for years, with Kim and Khloe criticizing Courtney’s choices and actions both on and off-screen.

Courtney’s relationship with Travis Barker seems to have exacerbated the situation. Kim’s jealousy and resentment towards Courtney’s newfound happiness and attention have become increasingly evident. From not acknowledging Courtney’s achievements, like attending the Oscars, to seemingly mocking her wedding during a speech, Kim’s behavior has been less than supportive.

Moreover, when Courtney announced her pregnancy with Travis, her family’s reaction was far from celebratory. Instead of sharing in her joy, they seemed indifferent, further isolating Courtney from her own family.

Travis Barker and Kylie Jenner Spotted at LA Hospital Sparking Rumors Kourtney Kardashian Gave Birth

Travis, understandably protective of Courtney, has reportedly clashed with the Kardashian sisters numerous times over their treatment of her. The recent incident, where Travis allegedly intervened in a fight between Kim and Courtney and accidentally slapped Kim, has escalated tensions even further.

While it’s unclear whether Travis intentionally struck Kim or if it was an accident in the heat of the moment, Kim’s reaction suggests she’s using the situation to vilify Travis and portray him as an abuser. Given the history of animosity between the sisters and Travis, it’s challenging to discern the truth amidst the chaos.

Ultimately, the situation highlights the toxic dynamics within the Kardashian family and the lengths some members may go to in order to maintain control or exact revenge. It’s a tangled web of jealousy, resentment, and manipulation, leaving outsiders to speculate and form their own opinions on what truly transpired.

In conclusion, whether Travis intentionally hit Kim or not, the underlying issues within the Kardashian family are undeniable and require serious introspection and resolution.


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