“”Kourtney Kardashian Breaks Down over Scott Disick’s FAILING Health!VIDEO…

The latest headlines paint a concerning picture of Courtney Kardashian’s emotional state, hinting at a potential breakdown on the horizon. The catalyst for this turmoil? None other than her ex-partner, Scott Disick, whose recent transformation has left Courtney reeling. But before delving into the details, let’s dissect what exactly has pushed Courtney to the edge.

Kourtney Kardashian Breaks Down over Scott Disick's FAILING Health! -  YouTube

Scott’s recent appearance in the bustling streets of New York City turned heads for all the wrong reasons. Once a familiar figure, Scott now sported a leaner frame, a more pronounced jawline, and exuded newfound confidence – all accompanied by his children, Penelope and Reign. While his style seemed on point, fans couldn’t help but express concern over his dramatic weight loss, speculating about undisclosed health issues or substance abuse.

However, sources reveal that Scott’s transformation was intentional and not linked to any health concerns or substance abuse. His decision to undergo this change stemmed from his discomfort with his appearance, exacerbated by significant weight gain following two accidents – a terrifying car crash and a subsequent fall while teaching his son to ride a dirt bike.

Kourtney Kardashian's ex Scott Disick checks into rehab for drug and  alcohol addiction | Irish Independent

These accidents left Scott with dual back problems, limiting his mobility and leading to weight gain due to decreased physical activity. Despite warnings from doctors, Scott neglected physical therapy and hesitated to undergo surgery, grappling with insecurity and a decline in his quality of life.

Khloe Kardashian, expressing her concern during a visit, urged Scott to prioritize his health and happiness, emphasizing the importance of seeking treatment and making positive changes. Scott, reflecting on his pre-injury lifestyle, admitted to the stark contrast and the challenges he faced in even simple movements.

Meanwhile, Courtney’s concerns deepened as Scott was spotted with a potential new girlfriend, 25-year-old influencer Mary Grayson Hunt. These sightings, coupled with Scott’s history of infidelity and their tumultuous relationship, sparked further turmoil for Courtney. Despite their past struggles, their bond, marked by moments of genuine connection and parenthood, remains undeniable.

Scott Disick shares rare video of reclusive son Mason, 12, after Kourtney  Kardashian SNUBBED ex on Father's Day | The Sun

Courtney and Scott’s journey began in the mid-2000s, evolving from friendship to a public relationship documented on reality TV. Despite skepticism from Courtney’s family, they weathered the challenges of fame, parenthood, and Scott’s personal struggles.

The birth of their children, Mason and Penelope, strengthened their bond, but challenges persisted, including Scott’s battles with alcoholism and anger management issues, leading to temporary splits and reconciliations.

Now, as Scott embarks on a new chapter, Courtney grapples with her own emotions, torn between concern for his well-being and the painful reminders of their past. Scott’s transformation serves as a stark reminder of their shared history and the complexities of their relationship.

In the midst of speculation and headlines, Courtney finds herself at a crossroads, navigating the tumultuous waters of love, loss, and self-discovery. As she confronts her fears and uncertainties, one thing remains clear – the road ahead is fraught with challenges, but Courtney is determined to face them head-on, armed with resilience, compassion, and a steadfast commitment to her own happiness.

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