“”North West, 10 years old, leaked an unedited photo of her mother Kim Kardashian with wrinkles.(UGLY)

Northwest took to the popular social media platform TikTok to share snippets from her recent vacation with her family and friends. In a series of photographs captured by North and her mother Kim Kardashian, the duo aimed to document their getaway. However, amidst the collection, there were some less-than-flattering moments captured of Kim.

North West, 10, leaks unedited photo of mom Kim Kardashian featuring  wrinkles on her forehead during getaway | The Sun

The TikTok video, set to the tune of Frank Ocean’s “Thinking About You,” featured a blend of solo shots of North, striking sassy poses at the age of 10, as well as images with her 11-year-old cousin Penelope. Group photos included North’s siblings, Chicago and Saint, alongside cousins Dream Kardashian and True Thompson. Additionally, cousins Renée and Tatum made appearances in the mix.

As expected, the slideshow was uploaded to Kim and North’s joint TikTok account, reflecting their shared experiences. Yet, one photo drew attention for its less-than-ideal depiction of Kim. The image showcased Kim in a string bikini, accessorized with a black cowboy hat, basking in the sunlight. While Kim appeared radiant, the lighting accentuated her wrinkles more prominently, potentially due to the angle or lighting conditions.

North West, 10, leaks unedited photo of mom Kim Kardashian featuring  wrinkles on her forehead during getaway | The Sun

In recent times, Kim has embraced showcasing more of her natural self on social media. Just a month prior, she shared a photo from a therapy session, where she laid on a treatment bed undergoing a facial sculpting and lifting procedure. This candid portrayal revealed Kim’s bare skin, including visible under-eye bags, as she sported a simple black tank top and an updo hairstyle. The caption expressed gratitude towards the beauty treatment received.

North’s TikTok video also captured moments where she and Kim shared playful interactions. In one close-up shot, North pouted alongside her mother, who donned a brown dressing gown and a ponytail. However, the playful tone took a controversial turn when North flashed a middle finger towards the camera, prompting mixed reactions from viewers.

Kim’s journey towards embracing her natural self on social media has been met with both praise and scrutiny. While some applaud her transparency and confidence, others critique the portrayal of unrealistic beauty standards. Nevertheless, Kim’s willingness to share candid moments, both flattering and unflattering, reflects a growing trend towards authenticity in social media content. As she continues to navigate the spotlight, Kim’s openness serves as a reminder of the complexities of fame and self-image in the digital age.

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