“”Steve Harvey RESPONDS Back To Katt Williams DISSING Him DL Hughley REACTS ED Lover Exposes Steve H.

The long-awaited response from Steve Harvey to Cat Williams’ accusations has finally arrived. In a recent episode of the Club Shay Shay podcast with Shannon Sharpe, Harvey addressed the allegations of joke stealing and criticism from Williams. Let’s delve into Harvey’s response and the reactions it has sparked.

Steve Harvey RESPONDS Back To Katt Williams DISSING Him DL Hughley REACTS  ED Lover Exposes Steve H. - YouTube

Firstly, Harvey’s rebuttal seemed to dismiss Williams’ claims rather than addressing them head-on. He questioned Williams’ approach of publicly accusing him without offering substantive evidence. Harvey also took to Twitter, seemingly brushing off the haters and implying that addressing them isn’t necessary.

However, the silence from Harvey’s camp regarding the specifics of Williams’ accusations speaks volumes. There’s a lack of denial or refutation, which some interpret as tacit acknowledgment of the truth behind Williams’ words. Fans on Twitter have been quick to point out what they perceive as Harvey’s avoidance of the issue at hand.

Moreover, comedian DL Hughley has been engaging with fans on Twitter, seemingly finding amusement in the situation. His reactions suggest a sense of amusement or disbelief at the unfolding drama, further fueling speculation about the validity of Williams’ claims.

Adding fuel to the fire, Ed Lover weighed in, seemingly corroborating Williams’ allegations. According to Lover, Harvey’s treatment of the late Bernie Mac was a point of contention, with Mac allegedly feeling slighted by Harvey’s actions. Lover’s testimony adds weight to Williams’ assertions and underscores the rifts within the comedy community.

In his commentary, Lover also touches on the competitive nature of the comedy world, dispelling the myth of camaraderie among comedians. He highlights the cutthroat nature of the industry, where rivalry and ambition often overshadow solidarity.

Overall, the response to Harvey’s remarks has been mixed, with many questioning the sincerity of his rebuttal. The absence of a direct refutation of Williams’ claims only serves to deepen the intrigue surrounding this comedic feud. As the saga unfolds, it’s clear that there are still many unanswered questions and lingering tensions within the comedy community.


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