“”VIDEO Joe Asks Derek, MPMD About Exposing Liver King’s PED Use

The conversation on The Joe Rogan Experience about the Liver King’s physique and practices reveals a mix of skepticism and curiosity about his extraordinary claims. Joe Rogan and his guest, Derek, discuss the Liver King’s purported regimen of sunning his genitals and consuming raw liver to achieve his impressive physique. While acknowledging the possibility of natural bodybuilding achievements, they express doubts about the Liver King’s methods, particularly regarding the extreme practices he advocates.

Joe Asks Derek, MPMD About Exposing Liver King's PED Use - YouTube

They discuss the feasibility of certain aspects of the Liver King’s physique, such as his exceptionally developed abdominal muscles. Despite acknowledging the possibility of natural muscle growth through intense training, they remain skeptical about the unusual appearance of the Liver King’s abs, speculating about the potential use of cosmetic procedures like etching. However, they also acknowledge that the Liver King’s overall body composition appears consistent and lean, suggesting that implants may not be the cause of his pronounced muscle definition.

The conversation highlights the fine line between skepticism and curiosity surrounding individuals who make extraordinary claims about their physical transformations. While they entertain the possibility of natural achievements, they ultimately express skepticism about the Liver King’s claims and speculate about alternative explanations for his remarkable physique.

In addition, they mention the Liver King’s public apology regarding his alleged steroid use, indicating a shift in his narrative and raising further questions about the authenticity of his practices. Overall, the conversation reflects a critical examination of the Liver King’s claims and highlights the complexities of assessing the legitimacy of extreme fitness regimens.

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