“”VIDEO Kanye West Talks to TMZ, Stands by Antisemitism, Says He Can’t Be Canceled | TMZ

Kanye West’s recent interview is quite the rollercoaster, isn’t it? From celebrating his successes to addressing controversies and even delving into geopolitical issues, there’s a lot to unpack. Let’s break it down.

Kanye West Talks to TMZ, Stands by Antisemitism, Says He Can't Be Canceled  | TMZ - YouTube

Firstly, Kanye exudes confidence in his achievements, especially winning big with a Super Bowl ad and navigating through financial hardships. He emphasizes his resilience and creative prowess, attributing his survival to his multidisciplinary skills in music, clothing, and a dedicated fan base.

However, Kanye doesn’t shy away from addressing the controversies surrounding him. He acknowledges the polarizing nature of his statements and actions, yet remains steadfast in his right to express himself openly. He believes that his diverse skill set and loyal following shield him from being destroyed by detractors.

The conversation takes an interesting turn when Kanye criticizes streaming platforms for undervaluing artists, highlighting the disparity between revenue generated and compensation received. He advocates for fair treatment of musicians and pledges support for his peers in the industry.

Kanye West Talks to TMZ, Stands by Antisemitism, Says He Can't Be Canceled

Regarding past remarks perceived as anti-Semitic, Kanye refuses to retract his statements, asserting that Black people cannot be anti-Semitic. He expresses regret if his words caused discomfort but stands by his conviction that certain issues needed to be addressed, even if controversially.

When asked about his stance on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Kanye admits his lack of expertise and redirects the focus to issues closer to home, such as violence in his native Chicago. He stresses the importance of prioritizing local concerns over global conflicts.

Overall, Kanye’s interview reflects his unapologetic persona and complex worldview. While he celebrates his triumphs, he confronts criticisms head-on and remains unyielding in his beliefs. Love him or hate him, Kanye West continues to captivate audiences with his boldness and unpredictability.

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