“”VIDEO Kanye West’s Disturbing Plot to “D.E.S.T.R.O.Y” New Wife Bianca Censori?!

It seems like the commenter is expressing concern about Kanye West’s behavior and its impact on his wife, Bianca Sorri. They highlight Kanye’s controlling behavior, particularly regarding Bianca’s wardrobe and social media presence.

The commenter also mentions Kanye’s past relationships, where he reportedly exerted similar control over his partners’ lives.

Furthermore, the commenter brings up Kanye’s history of controversial behavior, including his public outbursts and feuds with other celebrities.

They suggest that Kanye’s actions may be indicative of underlying mental health issues, citing his lyrics, interviews, and past admissions about struggles with addiction and mental illness.

In conclusion, the commenter raises questions about Kanye’s mental state and calls for more attention to be paid to his well-being. They encourage discussion and invite others to share their thoughts in the comments section.

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