“”(video) Kim Kardashian and North’s Culinary Adventures: From Sushi Rolls to Onion Apples”

In a recent episode of the Kardashians, viewers got a glimpse into the culinary adventures of Kim Kardashian and her daughter North. As the mother-daughter duo spent quality time together in the kitchen, they showcased their diverse cooking skills and shared some hilarious moments.

Kim Kardashian WEIRDED OUT by North Gnawing on RAW ONION

The episode began with Kim and North preparing sushi and fried chicken, demonstrating their flair for cooking. North, who has a passion for being in the kitchen, confidently asserted her culinary abilities, even teasing her mom about her cooking prowess. With North’s guidance, they whipped up delicious dishes, proving that talent runs in the family.

However, the highlight of the episode came when North unveiled her unusual eating habit – munching on raw onions like apples. Kim was visibly surprised and somewhat bewildered by her daughter’s unconventional snack choice. She couldn’t help but express her astonishment, exclaiming, “You’re just going to eat an onion like an apple? This is what she does, people! She eats veggies like apples.”

Kim’s reaction was a mix of amusement and bewilderment, showcasing the quirky dynamics of their mother-daughter relationship. North’s unique eating habits added a humorous twist to the episode, leaving viewers both entertained and intrigued.

Fans freak out over Kim Kardashian's daughter North West eating unpeeled, raw  onion like an apple - YouTube

Despite Kim’s initial reaction, she embraced North’s individuality and supported her unconventional food choices. However, the pungent aroma of the raw onion quickly filled the kitchen, leading to comedic scenes as Kim struggled to contain her tears. The strong scent prompted a classic Kardashian moment, with Kim jokingly lamenting about the overpowering onion breath.

Beyond the kitchen antics, the episode also featured a playful jab at Kim’s sister Kendall Jenner’s culinary skills, or lack thereof. North’s cucumber chopping skills served as a subtle nod to Kendall’s infamous cucumber-chopping mishap from a previous season. The playful banter highlighted the close-knit and competitive nature of the Kardashian-Jenner family, where good-natured teasing is part of their dynamic.

Kim’s playful teasing extended beyond the kitchen, as she referenced Kendall’s viral TikTok moment featuring the Green Goddess dressing. The light-hearted ribbing showcased the sisters’ ability to laugh at themselves and embrace their quirks, even when it comes to their cooking abilities.

Throughout the episode, it became evident that cooking is more than just a pastime for Kim and North – it’s a bonding experience that brings them closer together. Whether they’re experimenting with new recipes or poking fun at each other’s culinary skills, their time in the kitchen is filled with laughter and love.

In the end, the episode highlighted the joy of cooking and the importance of embracing individuality, even when it comes to unconventional eating habits. As Kim and North continue to embark on their culinary adventures, viewers can’t help but anticipate more hilarious moments and delicious creations from this dynamic duo. From sushi rolls to onion apples, the Kardashians sure know how to spice up their kitchen escapades.

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