“‘VIDEO Kim Kardashian ‘misses’ Kanye West, fans say as reality star ‘dressed for ex’

Fans of Kim Kardashian have recently expressed their disapproval of the attire she chose to wear at her son Saint’s latest basketball game. The reality star has been accused of trying to win back her former boyfriend, Kanye West, through her fashion choices. Reports emerged stating that Kim attended her son’s basketball game in Los Angeles, California, where she sported an all-black Balenciaga ensemble. Many individuals on a Reddit discussion forum likened her outfit to something Bianca Sorri, Kanye West’s new wife, would wear. Speculations arose, suggesting that Kim deliberately dressed in a manner reminiscent of Bianca to appeal to Kanye.

Kim Kardashian 'misses' Kanye West, fans say as reality star 'dressed for ex'  at son Saint's basketball game | The US Sun

The Reddit thread buzzed with critiques and comparisons of Kim’s attire, with one user asserting, “She dressed like this for Kanye, and you can’t tell me otherwise.” Others chimed in, expressing their belief that Kim longed to reclaim her role as Kanye’s muse and questioning why she hadn’t hired a new stylist despite her resources. Some commenters noted that Kanye’s influence seemed evident in Kim’s fashion choices, despite their divorce.

Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West in 2021 after seven years of marriage and four children together. Shortly after their divorce was finalized, Kanye married Bianca in December 2022. Observers have pointed out instances where Kim appeared to mimic Bianca’s style, suggesting that Kim may still harbor feelings for Kanye or seek to emulate aspects of his new relationship.

Kim Kardashian 'misses' Kanye West, fans say as reality star 'dressed for ex'  at son Saint's basketball game | The Sun

In a recent online personality profile, Kim cited traveling and architecture as significant influences on her artistic endeavors—interests shared by Bianca, who studied at the University of Melbourne and holds a master’s degree in architecture. Bianca also previously worked as the director of architecture for Kanye’s Yeezy business, further intertwining her life with Kanye’s professional endeavors.

Kim’s alleged imitation of Bianca extends beyond fashion; she has also faced accusations of undergoing cosmetic procedures to resemble her. Fans scrutinized photos of Kim’s nose, noting similarities to Bianca’s features and speculating about possible surgical enhancements.

The discussion surrounding Kim’s alleged emulation of Bianca reflects ongoing fascination with celebrity relationships and personal transformations. Whether Kim’s fashion choices and appearance alterations are deliberate attempts to regain Kanye’s attention or simply coincidental parallels, they have sparked intense debate among fans and observers alike.

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