“”VIDEO Kim Kardashian’s Move on Kanye and Bianca Backfires | Odell Just Destroyed Her For It

It seems like there’s a lot to unpack here. Let’s break it down.

Kim Kardashian’s recent comments about wanting more children with Odell Beckham Jr., especially coming right after Kanye West and Bianca Sorri expressed their desire to expand their family, have stirred up quite the controversy. Initially, it seemed like a move to stay relevant and possibly compete with Bianca, given their intertwined relationships with Kanye and Odell.

Kim Kardashian's Move on Kanye and Bianca Backfires | Odell Just Destroyed  Her For It

However, things took an unexpected turn when news surfaced of Kim and Odell’s breakup. While the exact reason for the split wasn’t specified, speculation suggests that Odell may have felt disrespected by Kim’s remarks about wanting his “good genes” for their potential child. Some even theorized that Odell prioritized his career over the relationship, especially considering his rumored interest in signing with the Chiefs, where being associated with Kim could potentially conflict with team dynamics.

The timing of Kim’s comments, coupled with the subsequent breakup, led many to question her motives and accuse her of using Kanye and Bianca’s relationship for attention. Kanye’s public praise of Bianca, including calling her the “most amazing stepmom” on her birthday, only added fuel to the speculation of Kim feeling jealous and seeking validation.

So, do I think Kim was disrespectful to Odell with her remarks about his genes? It’s possible that her comments could have been perceived that way, especially if they reduced Odell to just his genetic qualities. As for whether Kim has been using Kanye and Bianca’s relationship for attention, it’s hard to say for sure without more context. However, the timing of her comments does raise questions about her intentions.

Overall, it’s a complex situation with various factors at play, and it’s essential to consider all perspectives before drawing conclusions.

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