“”VIDEO North West reveals mom Kim Kardashian’s real skin in unflattering lighting in video

Recently, a series of unedited images shared by North West, daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, have ignited a flurry of speculation among Kardashian followers. The photos, uploaded to the duo’s joint TikTok account “North and Kim,” captured candid moments from their outing to a Los Angeles Lakers game. However, it was not the basketball action that drew attention but rather the glimpse into Kim Kardashian’s appearance under less favorable lighting.

North West reveals mom Kim Kardashian's real skin in unflattering lighting  in videos at LA Lakers game | The Sun

In the midst of the Lakers game excitement, North West inadvertently exposed what some claim to be evidence of Kim Kardashian undergoing a breast augmentation procedure. The images, unaltered and unfiltered, revealed Kim’s appearance under lighting conditions that were less than ideal. While enjoying courtside seats, North, accompanied by her buddy and Kim, captured moments from the game and shared them with their followers on TikTok.

Among the various snapshots, North included selfies with her buddy, snapshots of the game action, and even a photo of NBA star LeBron James in action. Both North and her friend were dressed in coordinated all-black outfits, complete with matching sunglasses. Kim, seated nearby, followed the color scheme, sporting a black leather jacket and top.

North West reveals mom Kim Kardashian's real skin in unflattering lighting  in videos at LA Lakers game | The US Sun

However, it was the unretouched images that drew the most attention. Despite the bright illumination in the stadium, the photos showcased Kim’s natural skin texture, seemingly devoid of imperfections. Fans noted her freshly tanned glow, likely a result of her recent Caribbean trip.

North’s social media activity didn’t stop at the Lakers game. Earlier, she had shared undisclosed photographs from a family vacation in Turks and Caicos. Accompanied by her siblings and cousins, the images depicted moments of beach fun, dance routines, and candid family time. Notably, Kim was captured in a more relaxed setting, sporting minimal makeup and displaying a sun-kissed glow, albeit with some signs of sun exposure.

North West reveals mom Kim Kardashian's real skin in unflattering lighting  in videos at LA Lakers game | The Sun

However, it was a particular set of images from a boat outing that sparked further speculation. In these photos, Kim wore a brown snakeskin bikini and a cowboy hat, striking poses for the camera. Observers noted what appeared to be scars around Kim’s chest area, leading to speculation about potential breast augmentation surgery.

On Reddit, fans dissected the images, debating the possibility of cosmetic procedures and sharing their opinions on Kim’s changing appearance. Some pointed to potential factors such as constant travel, skin treatments, and filler injections, while others referenced past denials of surgical enhancements by Kim.

In conclusion, North West’s unedited images have reignited discussions about Kim Kardashian’s appearance, with fans scrutinizing every detail captured in the candid snapshots. Whether these speculations hold any truth remains uncertain, but one thing is clear: the scrutiny surrounding Kim Kardashian’s image shows no signs of abating.

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