Blake Griffin Weighs In On Michael Jordan vs LeBron James Debate

Blake Griffin Weighs In On Michael Jordan vs LeBron James Debate

Blake Griffin is one of the most influential NBA players of his generation. That is why the real reason for his refusal to return to basketball caused such a stir last month.

Because of his impact on the sport, Griffin’s opinion carries a lot of weight.

Griffin opted to throw some of that weight around while discussing a bit of a convoluted topic: who the NBA’s GOAT is between Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

During a recent interview, Griffin broke down the Jordan vs. James debate as best he could.

“The most important thing is winning,” Griffin said.

“I think Michael Jordan going to the Finals six times and winning six times, Finals MVP. If you really go back and like look at his stats, look at his accomplishments, and how he did it, I don’t know that we will allow anybody to beat Michael Jordan anymore because we just like nitpick and nitpick.”

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As a result of the emphasis on winning, Jordan seems to be the clear GOAT in Griffin’s estimation.

“I’m for Jordan as the GOAT. But if you want to argue LeBron, listen, I get it. That’s your era,” he commented.

That said, Griffin also believes that James has been unfairly targeted and criticized in the past.

“I felt this way about LeBron early on, especially when he went to Miami, people were so against him that I am like, ‘Sure, you may not like him as a person but you can’t deny how good he is and what he’s doing.’

“You try to not let your personal bias towards people, that’s what I hate, people who rag on somebody for not being a good basketball player just because they don’t like who he is as a person.”

It is impossible to properly rate James while he is playing. Will folks one day consider him to be greater than Jordan when everything is said and done? Time will tell.

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