BREAKING: Antonio Brown Drops Huge Announcement That Will Change The NFL For Good (And Bad)

Antonio Brown has made an exciting new announcement this NFL offseason.

Photos of Antonio Brown speaking on new podcast

Antonio Brown (Photos via @AB84/Twitter)

The former wide receiver has been pretty active on social media, having recently launched the ‘CTESPN Network’. He’s now set to couple it with a podcast called the ‘CTESPN Pod’.

Brown has already shot the first episode, in which he interviews Miami Dolphins wideout Tyreek Hill.

The sneak preview below shows AB asking Hill to rate current pro WRs Davante Adams, Michael Thomas, and Jaylen Waddle in a segment called “Is He Alright?”

According to AB and his stats, Adams and Waddle are alright, but Thomas is lacking.

Check it out below:

AB’s CTESPN Network recently reported that Thomas was nearing a deal with the Los Angeles Chargers.

This latest announcement from Brown has left many football fans excited. But plenty of detractors have popped up, too.

Antonio Brown Has Been Making A Nuisance Of Himself On Social Media

As mentioned above, Antonio Brown has been very active on social media. And he’s made quite a nuisance of himself as he’s shown zero chill while going after certain people.

Caitlin Clark happens to be one of his latest victims, and she’s had to block him as a result of all of the abuse he’s directed her way. AB has attacked Clark via Twitter/X on several occasions but took it too far last week, having made some disgusting comments about her private parts. While she hasn’t responded to any of his jibes, she’s blocked him on the platform.

Her actions have done little to slow him down. In fact, it’s given him some extra motivation as he has shared several posts about said area since then.

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