Breaking: Doc Rivers Shift Blames onto his Players in Recent Washington Wizards Incident…

Doc Rivers has a history of shifting blame onto his players, but now he’s broadening his scope to include the team’s travel staff…

Following the Bucks’ unexpected loss to the lowly Washington Wizards, Rivers expressed frustration with the team’s professionalism on the road, highlighting their mediocre away record this season.


This sentiment continued after their subsequent defeat against Memphis, insinuating a lack of seriousness even on home turf.


While injuries to key players like Damian Lillard and fatigue affecting Giannis Antetokounmpo may have contributed to the recent losses, Rivers’ remarks echo previous criticism from former player J.J. Redick, who accused him of consistently deflecting responsibility onto the team.

However, this time, Rivers is extending blame beyond the players to include the travel staff, a departure from his usual strategy.

It’s not the first instance of staff being targeted for the team’s shortcomings. Speculation arises regarding whether there are issues with equipment management or logistics affecting game performance, although such claims remain unsubstantiated.


More concerning is the premature scapegoating before the playoffs, especially as the team has only maintained a .500 record since Rivers assumed coaching duties.

If improvements aren’t made soon, Rivers might find himself pointing fingers at other departments within the organization, highlighting a broader dysfunction within the Bucks.

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