Caitlin Clark Responds To Lakers Star LeBron James when LeBron James recently offered his take on a myriad of topics — including Clark

Caitlin Clark Responds To Lakers Star LeBron James

Caitlin Clark may have lost the National Championship game to South Carolina this past week, but she is still the biggest star in all of college basketball.

LeBron James, the biggest name in all of basketball, recently offered his take on a myriad of topics — including Clark.

Last week, James opened up quite bluntly regarding the state of women’s college basketball and Clark’s role in it.

“I think the popularity comes in is the icons they have in the women’s game,” James said.

“You look at Angel Reese, you look at JuJu (Watkins), you look at Caitlin Clark, you look Paige (Bueckers), you look at the young girl that’s at Iowa State, the freshman there (Audi Crooks), Brink at Stanford, and that’s just to name a few – the freshmen that’s at Notre Dame,” he continued.

“Because they’re not allowed to go to the WNBA…you’re able to build a real iconic legacy at a program and that’s what we all love about it.

“That’s what makes the Final Four and Elite Eight so great. Iowa was a great team but Caitlin Clark was the reason we tuned in…Players, depending on who they are, will drive the attention when it comes to viewership.”

This week, Clark responded to James’ comments.

“Honestly, I’ve never talked to LeBron directly, but obviously, I’ve seen he’s commented about myself, and I just saw this morning that he talked about women’s basketball in general and how good the game is and the stars in our game,” Clark said.

“He knows what he’s talking about, he pays attention, he supports the game, he doesn’t just talk about it. He really shows up and supports it, and I think that’s the coolest thing. One of the greatest players of all-time helping to support and grow women’s basketball. That’s exactly what we need.”

If Clark proves to be the sort of player in the WNBA that she was in college, it will be interesting to see if she and James can collaborate in some capacity as pros.

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