Country music legend’s granddaughter’s performance leaves Ryan Seacrest emotional on ‘American Idol’

The granddaughter of late country music star Loretta Lynn continues to leave her mark on “American Idol.”

American Idol

Emmy Russell performs on “American Idol” on ABC.Disney

Emmy Russell performed an original song, “Want You.”

After the performance, Ryan Seacrest admitted that he was emotional. The result was an on-stage hug from judge Luke Bryan, who lifted Seacrest off his feet.

“That was so you,” Bryan told Russell about her Penn Live performance. “I loved it because it was so real, and I think you could really feel the emotion in that. That is what your artistry is about and don’t lose that. But listen, that thing that you did with that song really is your signature. It was very emotional and probably my favorite performance you’ve done.”

Bryan had jokes about Seacrest after the hug, suggesting the host is the most expensive thing he has ever held.

“It’s just about me wanting someone that didn’t want me back,” Russell said prior to the performance, per PennLive. “I really wished this person loved me like I loved them.”

Luke Bryan Comforts Ryan Seacrest After American Idol Performance | Us  Weekly

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