ESPN Rudely Cut Caitlin Clark Off During An Interview, And Fans Are Rioting Online (VIDEO)

Caitlin Clark was rudely cut off by ESPN during an interview this week, with the network going into a commercial break while she was speaking.

Caitlin Clark speaking into mic

Caitlin Clark (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

Clark, who is now a WNBA player following Monday night’s draft, is one of the most popular athletes in America right now. You’d think ESPN would want to give her as much time on screen as they can, but it appears they might not think too much of it.

The new Indiana Fever star was a guest on ‘The Pat McAfee Show’ on Tuesday and was speaking to the former NFL kicker as the broadcast cut away mid-sentence. While it may have been one of the network’s mandatory breaks, fans weren’t hearing any of that.

McAfee simulcasts his show on YouTube, and viewers don’t have to worry about commercials when watching it there; however, doing so on TV is another thing.

They do this every single show because Pat let’s it go full on YouTube and doesn’t really care as much about linear television rules that are outdated and too predicated on people thinking it’s 1980 need to tune it at this exact second to see it,” one fan noted.

That’s why watching McAfee on YouTube is the only way to go. ESPN has a “hard out” for the last 6-7 minutes of every hour for commercials,” said another.

Here are a few more reactions:

Caitlin Clark’s WNBA Contract Details Have Been Revealed

While Caitlin Clark is likely to boost the WNBA’s ratings exponentially, she isn’t going to make as much money as she would have as a NIL athlete in college.

According to the league’s CBA, she will get a four-year contract worth $338,056. The first four picks of the WNBA Draft all get the same deal, which means that Cameron Brinks, Kamilla Cardoso, and Rickea Jackson will be paid the same amount.

A $5 million offer from the BIG3 is on the table, though.

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