Explaining Damian Lillard’s unorthodox water ball workout that went viral

Milwaukee Bucks superstar Damian Lillard picked a very unique way to work out his core during a recent gym session.

A video shows Lillard holding a big ball filled with water, shaking it around and around like he’s mixing it up to pour in a martini glass.

It’s also kind of like the first motions an old-school washing machine makes as it’s sorting out the clothes with the sudsy water.

Either way, this is not typically the type of workout you see someone engaging in at the YMCA, as Lillard seemed to be thinking very outside of the box as he strengthened his body in the very unorthodox routine.

From our research, it looks like Lillard is using an aqua bag to strengthen his core. You can see examples of aqua bag workouts, ones that look similar to the ones that Lillard engaged with recently.

Basically, while this is a very out-of-left-field workout, it’s not uncommon!

We’re curious if aqua bags will spike in popularity as Lillard uses one to ready himself for the NBA playoffs this month.


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