“He Should Go Back to School”- Anonymous NBA GM Says Bronny James Is Not Ready for the Draft Yet

Reactions to Bronny James’s decision to enter the NBA draft this year have been divided. According to an unnamed NBA general manager, LeBron James’ kid should reevaluate his decision to join the league and instead focus on honing his academic talents.

According to the NBA general manager, LeBron’s son is not ready to play with the big boys immediately. NBA insider Kevin O’Connor cited the general manager in a Courtside Buzz piece on X.

NBA general manager states: “He should go back to school to develop at his own pace or he risks getting lost in the shuffle, whether or not he’s playing with his dad.”

Like many others, Bronny James’s boring first year at the University of Southern California shaped the anonymous GM’s perspective. According to ESPN stats, during his only season with the Trojans, the six-foot-four guard averaged 19.4 minutes of play, 25 games, 2.8 rebounds, 2.1 assists, and a 36.6% shooting percentage.

Kendrick Perkins and Draymond Green Have Come Up in Support of Bronny James’s Decision

Anonymous NBA GM Says Bronny James Is Not Ready for the Draft Yet

Bronny James (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

Some people think it was a bad idea for Bronny James, the oldest son of LeBron James, to enter the NBA draft this year, while others believe it was an intelligent choice. NBA champions Draymond Green and Kendrick Perkins are among those who have shown their support for young Bronny as he considers beginning his NBA career following a year of varsity ball at the University of Southern California.

According to Perkins, an ESPN NBA commentator who won a championship with the Boston Celtics in 2008, Bronny James’s skill should translate better in the NBA than in college. Green, a four-time NBA champion with the Golden State Warriors, believes Bronny James’s skill set could earn him a club reasonably well in what he considers a shallow draft.

Analysts and fans widely perceive Bronny James’s decision to declare for the draft this year as being motivated by his father, the 39-year-old NBA great, to play alongside him before calling it quits.

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