Lana Rhoades REVEALS Which NBA Players She Has Been With

Lana Rhoades Reveals Which NBA Players She Has Been With

Lana Rhoades is no stranger to making headlines within the broader NBA community.

The adult move actress has previously caused a stir for revealing players that slid into her DMs and having a secret baby with an unnamed star.

This past week Rhoades spoke with Michael Porter Jr. of the Denver Nuggets and made some big news. There is always a fascination with the private lives of NBA stars, as evidenced by the Brooklyn Nets cheerleader who revealed not along ago that she got run through by the team’s starting five.

Rhoades tapped into that when she revealed which NBA players she has been with.

“I did p*rn before so people automatically assume that I’m going to sleep with people or that I’ve slept with all the NBA players that I’ve hung out with,” Rhoades said. “I’ve never slept with any of them besides the one that I have a kid with.

“But none of these guys have gotten upset with me for not sleeping with them no matter what they had bought me or, we’ve gone on trips together,” Rhoades continued. “… We end up having a respectful good friendship.”

The topic who Rhoades had her kid with has been highly-debated. It is hard to argue that the child doesn’t look like a spitting image of Blake Griffin. That said, Kevin Durant has been linked to the whole situation, too.

Last year a completely different player was linked to fathering Rhoades’ child.

Rhoades has yet to confirm or deny who the baby’s daddy is. Time will tell if that changes in the foreseeable future at any point.

Either way, clearly Rhoades has a certain propensity for causing a stir within the larger NBA world. What will she ultimately go viral for next? An answer one way or the other is coming soon enough.

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