LeBron James Expected to Opt-Out and Requested a No-Trade Clause in the Lakers’ Next Contract

LeBron James may ask for a no-trade clause in his next deal with the Los Angeles Lakers, according to reports. According to Brian Windhorst of ESPN, James is likely to choose to forego his contract for the 2024–25 season, primarily because he wants Clause to remain secure.

“I think LeBron is going to opt out no matter what and the reason I think he’s going to opt out no matter what is because even if he just signs back for one year, the only functional way for LeBron to get a no-trade clause is to sign a new contract. If he extends the contract he is in, or picks up that option and extends onto it, he cannot get a no-trade clause. I think for several different reasons, LeBron would like, ask for, and probably be granted a no-trade clause. There may be some debate with him and the Lakers about whether he should get three years, or whether a third year would be a team option, or a player option, or not guaranteed, or whatever. I think there could be some interesting negotiations back and forth on that.” Brian Windhorst said.

LeBron James Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron James Los Angeles Lakers (image source Getty Images)

James’ request for a no-trade clause is most likely the result of transfer rumours

The Lakers trounced Cleveland 116-97 on Saturday, their ninth win in ten games, with James scoring 24 points and dishing out 12 assists. Despite Los Angeles’ 26-12 run since midway, the Lakers’ victory propelled them to eighth place in the Western Conference rankings for the first time since late December. James, 39, has thrived in his 21st NBA season, averaging 25.4 points, 8.2 assists, and 7.2 rebounds across 68 games.

Davis played the entire first quarter, ending with four points and four rebounds. Without Davis guarding the interior, the Timberwolves opened up a 15-point lead with a 46-point second quarter.

James’ request for a no-trade clause is most likely the result of transfer rumours that erupted in the middle of the season, prompting agent Rich Paul to stress that his client was not actively seeking a move. Because of the widespread speculation, the Golden State Warriors considered pairing James with Stephen Curry.

Nonetheless, it’s understandable that James would seek formal assurances about his future after dealing with genuine trade rumours for the first time in more than 20 years.

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