LeBron James Hails Caitlin Clark After Record-Breaking First Quarter In NCAA Championship Game

LeBron James praises Caitlin Clark’s historic 18-point first-quarter performance in the NCAA Championship game, calling out detractors as “FLAT OUT HATERS!!!!”

LeBron James Hails Caitlin Clark After After 18-Point First Quarter In NCAA Championship Game

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LeBron James didn’t hold back in showing his support for Caitlin Clark during the 2024 NCAA Championship Game, where she delivered a scintillating performance in the first quarter. With Clark exploding for 18 points in the opening quarter, including a crucial three-pointer that propelled her to break the NCAA Women’s all-time scoring record and set the record for most points in any quarter in a championship game in NCAA history, LeBron took to Twitter to call out anyone who doubted her game.

“If you don’t rock with Caitlin Clark game you’re just a FLAT OUT HATER!!!!! Stay far away from them people!! PLEASE.”

In his tweet, LeBron emphasized that those who don’t appreciate Caitlin Clark’s talent are simply “FLAT OUT HATERS!!!!!” He urged people to steer clear of such negativity and embrace Clark’s remarkable abilities on the court. His message echoed the sentiment shared by many fans and observers who were in awe of Clark’s electrifying performance.

By eclipsing the tournament’s all-time scoring record (479) previously held by legendary players Maya Moore and Chamique Holdsclaw, Clark cemented her status as one of the most prolific scorers in NCAA tournament history. Surpassing the longstanding record with a mere 17 points away from the start of the game, Clark’s achievement underscored her dominance throughout the tournament and reaffirmed her status as a generational talent.

Clark’s dazzling display in the first quarter of the championship game showcased her scoring prowess and clutch playmaking ability. Clark wasted no time making her presence felt, unleashing an offensive onslaught that left South Carolina scrambling to contain her. Despite facing a formidable opponent, Clark spearheaded Iowa’s offense with her scoring outburst, helping her team build an early 27-20 lead.

Adding to her impressive scoring output, Clark displayed remarkable efficiency from the field. Shooting 5 of 8 overall, she demonstrated a deft touch and precision with her shot selection. Beyond her impressive field goal percentage, Clark’s long-range accuracy was particularly noteworthy, as she connected on 3 of 4 attempts from beyond the arc. Each shot from downtown showcased her range, confidence, and ability to deliver in high-pressure situations.

As Caitlin Clark continues to captivate audiences with her remarkable performances, LeBron James’s vocal support serves as a reminder of the importance of recognizing and celebrating talent, regardless of the stage or level of competition. In a game filled with intensity and high stakes, Clark’s brilliance shone brightly, earning her praise from one of basketball’s most iconic figures.

LeBron James Credits Caitlin Clark For NCAA Women’s Tournament Popularity

LeBron James recently shared his admiration for Caitlin Clark, recognizing her impact on women’s college basketball and her significance in the Final Four tournament. With Clark leading the charge for the Iowa Hawkeyes in their quest for a national championship, James emphasized the growing parity and excitement between men’s and women’s college basketball.

In a testament to Clark’s influence and star power, James highlighted the emergence of a new generation of female athletes who are captivating audiences across the nation. He acknowledged the iconic status of players like Clark, Angel Reese, Juju Watkins, and Paige Bueckers, underscoring the appeal and magnetism of the women’s game.

James expressed his belief that the popularity of women’s college basketball is not far behind its male counterpart, attributing it to the captivating performances and personalities of its standout players. He commended Clark for her pivotal role in drawing viewership to the Final Four and predicted that she would likely shatter audience records for an NCAA event.

As Clark continues to dazzle on the court and inspire fans with her remarkable talent, James’ endorsement serves as a powerful validation of her impact on the sport. By recognizing Clark as a central figure in the excitement surrounding the Final Four, James underscores the significance of women’s basketball and its ability to captivate audiences with its thrilling competition and star-studded performances.

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