Michael Jordan’s Latest Issue With Scottie Pippen

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were once regarded as one of the greatest duos in NBA history.

Michael Jordan’s Latest Issue With Scottie Pippen

Unfortunately, over the years, the pair’s relationship has done a complete 180. They are bitter enemies now.

Pippen has made some pretty serious allegations against Jordan. Jordan, meanwhile, allowed his eldest son to date Pippen’s ex-wife.

Things have gotten so hostile between them that Pippen had to purposely avoid Jordan at a recent event.

One of the issues that arose between the pair was what Pippen wrote in the book he released last year.

In his book, Pippen admitted that he didn’t bother reaching out to Jordan when his father was killed.

“The two were inseparable,” Pippen wrote.

“When I heard the news, I should have reached out to Michael right away. Having lost my own dad three years before, I might have been able to offer Michael some comfort. To this day, he and I haven’t spoken about his father’s death.”

This week, Stephen A. Smith revealed what Jordan’s latest issue with Pippen has become.

“And when it comes to Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan feels betrayed when Scottie revealed in his book his feelings for Michael Jordan and how he didn’t even give his condolences in person to Michael Jordan,” Smith said.

“I was on the phone with Michael Jordan that day talking about something else. And then we had heard about what Scottie Pippen had said and Michael Jordan was under the impression that it was just busy, it was chaotic and all of this other stuff.

“And that’s why he never thought anything of it. But all of these years later, when Scottie Pippen had alluded to his father passing away, his father being murdered and how he didn’t give his condolences on purpose, Michael Jordan’s words were, ‘I hope it’s worth it. I hope it’s worth it for him. I have nothing.’ And he literally said, ‘I have nothing else to say.’ And I know Michael Jordan well enough to know what that means.”

Will Jordan and Pippen ever ultimately be able to squash their beef? Time will tell.

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