New Video Uncovers The 6-Word Message That Angel Reese Had For Caitlin Clark On The Court During The NCAA Women’s Championship Game (VIDEO)

Angel Reese did not use any derogatory language towards Caitlin Clark despite social media thinking she did.

At the women’s NCAA final, Angel Reese of LSU waved her hand in front of her face while glaring at Iowa’s Caitlin Clark. It was the most-talked-about move that involved two-star players and John Cena’s wrestling catchphrase.

Angel Reese yelling at Caitlin Clark

LSU forward Angel Reese celebrated the Tigers’ fourth-quarter lead by saying something to Clark and then by waving one hand in front of her face. She also tapped her ring finger while looking pointedly at Iowa Hawkeyes guard Caitlin Clark. Many on social media thought Reese said “Hey Hoe” to Clark to get her attention.

That was not the case.

Reese told Clark, “This ain’t no one-man show.”

Reese has been heavily criticized with commentators and observers calling her out. The word “classless” even trended on Twitter.

Both players have used the same gesture at this year’s March Madness: Clark waved a hand in front of her face two games earlier when Iowa beat Louisville to enter the Final Four. But she didn’t get criticism for it.

Reese faced backlash for returning the gesture, but she offered no apologies for her actions.

Cena has been doing the “You Can’t See Me” move since he brought it to the WWE in the early 2000s, and now that Reese has given even more light to it, expect it to be used in sports at every level.

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