Report: 46 Years-old Former Bucks Star Questions Damian Lillard’s Contribution Amidst Milwaukee Bucks’ Playoff Struggles…

Kenyon Martin boldly asserts that Damian Lillard fails to elevate his teammates’ performance, especially evident during the Milwaukee Bucks’ struggles leading up to the playoffs. Despite Lillard’s presence at point guard, the Bucks have performed even worse than the previous season.

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While many blame the mid-season coaching change, Martin suggests Lillard shoulders responsibility, citing his historical inability to enhance his teammates’ abilities.

During a recent segment on the Gil’s Arena podcast, Martin questioned Lillard’s impact on his teammates, pointing out that even talented players like CJ McCollum seemed restricted when playing alongside him.

Martin implies that the Bucks may encounter similar issues in the playoffs, particularly when opponents adjust their defensive strategies to counter Lillard and Giannis Antetokounmpo’s pick-and-roll partnership.

This analysis underscores Martin’s lack of confidence in Lillard’s ability to elevate the Bucks’ performance in crucial playoff moments. While Antetokounmpo may excel individually, the team’s success is questionable when he collaborates with Lillard.

The situation is exacerbated by Lillard’s need to share offensive responsibilities due to the Bucks’ stacked lineup compared to Lillard’s former team, the Portland Trail Blazers.

As the playoffs loom just 10 days away, the Bucks are struggling to rectify their issues, particularly on defense, despite coaching changes. With a disappointing record since the mid-season coaching switch, the Bucks are currently 2-6 in their recent games, raising concerns about their playoff prospects.

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Should they continue this trend, there’s a risk of repeating last year’s early playoff exit, potentially making them a subject of ridicule in the NBA community, especially if the player they traded Lillard for ends up winning a title with another team like the Boston Celtics, validating Martin’s skepticism about Lillard’s impact.

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