Report: Milwaukee Bucks Star Khris Sends a Cryptic Message to Grizzlies Rookie After Mentorship Backfired…

Milwaukee Bucks standout Khris Middleton is known for generously sharing his wisdom with younger players, even those not on his team.

Despite not playing in a recent game against the Memphis Grizzlies, Middleton was impressed by rookie GG Jackson II. This prompted Middleton to extend a friendly text message, expressing his interest in building a relationship with the young talent.

Jackson was pleasantly surprised by Middleton’s outreach and jokingly warned that he might be bothering Middleton with his eagerness to learn.

Middleton’s gesture, however, might have unintended consequences, as Jackson plans to seize the opportunity to engage with Middleton and learn from him.

Despite the possibility of being pestered, Middleton likely won’t mind, considering he initiated the outreach.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the two athletes collaborate during the offseason, further strengthening their bond.

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