Reveal Taylor Swift’s Coachella conversation with Travis Kelce – Special detail causes fans to stir

This past weekend, a lip reader revealed Taylor Swift’s conversations with Travis Kelce at Coachella, revealing all the fun the pop star had at the legendary music festival.

Jackie González, a TikTok user who shares videos of herself lip-reading famous people, has shared what 34-year-old Swift admittedly said in a series of videos taken from the festival.


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As per Jackie, Taylor was living her best life when she introduced her fans to her 34-year-old boyfriend, cheered on musicians, sang her own song Kara, and then declared herself to be “drunk.”

The video opened with Taylor strolling around with her boyfriend’s arm wrapped over her shoulder while she excitedly said, “Hey!” to her fans.

Even though Taylor was an A-list star, she couldn’t believe she was receiving the standard treatment when she and her boyfriend were positioned just in front of the stage.


A TikToker has lip read Taylor Swift's conversations with Travis Kelce and fans at Coachella

Taylor Swift’s conversations with Travis Kelce and fans at Coachella have been lip-read by a TikToker.


“Oh my God, who was in the lead?” Taylor affirmed in disbelief.

She was also adorable when she introduced her boyfriend to one of her fans. “This is Travis,” she greeted a single condescending goer.


Taylor also sang along to her own song, Kara, before bursting into a passionate kiss.


The ecstatic spectator was once seen telling Travis, “That was the best thing that happened tonight.” I apologize; I’m inebriated.

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She then teared up as she discussed the situation with her boyfriend.

Watching the video, Jackie said, “Look at your swifties, we weren’t okay.” In addition to the disclaimer, “All statements are accurate, lip reading is not a reliable form of communication.”

Since 2016, Swift hasn’t attended a music festival until now.


Meanwhile, Kelce was spotted at the event in 2022 and 2023 alongside a few of his friends.

Swift gushed 'hi!' to one fan as she walked with Kelce's arm slung around her shoulders

Swift hugged a single fan while strolling, Kendall’s arm draped around her shoulders.


She sang along to the lyrics of her own song Karma

Swift was in disbelief over getting the VIP treatment

Swift expressed disbelief at receiving the VIP treatment.


Taylor spent an incredible weekend attending the festival with her boyfriend.


A run-in with Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudic was one of the highlights.


Taylor posed for a selfie with the celebrities in a picture taken by Teresa’s husband, Luis Ruelas.

She enthusiastically cheered following the rendition of her song

The songstress also allegedly said, 'Sorry I'm drunk'

Additionally, the singer admittedly said, “Sorry, I’m drunk.”


She adorably introduced fans to her boyfriend

The couple took Coachella by storm

The couple swept the country off its feet.


Travis was additionally observed gingerly hoisting Taylor into the air when they danced to a set by DJ Dom Dolla.


The audience was also present while they watched Taylor’s father, Jack Antonoff, perform at the fan festival on Saturday.


The couple was also observed attending the celeb-picked Neon Carnival.


Kelce recently admitted to people that he is a “Coachella guy.”


I adore visiting Colorado. I adore live music in its whole. At some point, you may notice me popping up over there.


“I’m not sure if I’ll go for a week, one or two, or even if I have time knowing that my schedule fills up quickly before we start back up for football here.”


Taylor and Travis have been in a relationship since September.

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