Stephen Curry’s 10 most-difficult 3-point makes, ranked

Stephen Curry is the all-time leader in 3-pointers made. Let’s rank Stephen Curry’s 10 3-point shots that were the most difficult to make.

Stephen Curry is arguably the best shooter the NBA has ever seen. In fact, he currently sits on top of the list in terms of all-time 3-point makes. Curry is the only player thus far to make over 3,000 3-point shots. Let’s rank Stephen Curry’s 10 most-difficult 3-point makes in his career.

10. Halfcourt buzzer beater at the half

Half-court buzzer beaters are usually miracles for any normal basketball player. However, Curry just makes it look so easy, even if the possession came off a steal. Moreover, the greatest shooter in the world didn’t even need the backboard’s help to swish his shot right in.

9. 61-foot buzzer beater

Speaking of halfcourt buzzer beaters, Curry also has no problems shooting from beyond the halfcourt line, particularly behind the opposing team’s 3-point line. Despite the tremendous difficulty, Curry’s Hail Mary heave was converted at the buzzer with the bank open.

8. 62-foot buzzer beater

While making 61 footers is crazy enough, Curry proved that he can go deeper. More often than not, Curry plays well against the Memphis Grizzlies. In their 2015 playoff duel, Curry showcased his dominance once again, capped off by arguably the longest shot of his NBA career, a 62-foot buzzer-beating heave. To make matters crazier, Curry made the attempt off a loose-ball play.

7. Off-balance step-back three

While most traditional 3-point shooters knock it down with a required amount of space, that isn’t the case for the best 3-point shooter in the world. Despite getting hounded by Kings defenders, Curry managed to take it upon himself and drilled an off-balance behind-the-back 3-pointer.

6. Pull-up fadeaway three out of nowhere

Speaking of shooting in limited space, Curry somehow managed to dribble through a swarm of Clippers defenders. If that isn’t difficult enough, Curry opted to shoot a fadeaway three after getting loose. While it’s an ill-advised shot for the majority, it’s easy to see why Curry has the license to take those shots.

5. Pulling up over two defenders in his 3-point barrage against the Pacers

A lot of people were speculating that Curry’s in his decline stage, especially with the Warriors’ recent struggles as of late. However, Curry rose to the occasion against the NBA In-Season Tournament Finalist, the Indiana Pacers. Curry exploded for 42 points, spiked by a season-high 11 threes, the most difficult of which saw Curry pull up in the face of two Pacers defenders.

4. Clutch four-point play

The 2023 Western Semifinals series between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors was epic, given that it was possibly the final playoff duel between LeBron James and Stephen Curry.

Although the Lakers eventually won the series, Curry and the Warriors didn’t go down without a fight. In fact, Curry even managed to sink a crazy pull-up four-point play over the Lakers’ Dennis Schroder in Game 4.

3. Game winner to sink the Suns

Speaking of talks about the nearing end of the Warriors dynasty, Curry begged to agree, especially in their recent victory over the Phoenix Suns. With the game on the line, Curry decided to take a deep 3-pointer to call game with 0.7 seconds remaining in the game.

It was also off a terrible inbounds pass that forced Curry to make a turnaround three which made matters certainly more difficult. However, it was just another shot for Curry’s historic career.

2. Circus banker

Acrobatic shots are usually made inside the paint. However, the greatest shooter in the world took it to another level after shocking fans by banking in an off-balanced acrobatic 3-pointer. In an attempt to draw a foul against a fury of Grizzlies defenders, Curry didn’t get the call but managed to pull off one of the best banks shots in NBA history.

1. Mid-court game winner and tying the record

There’s no question that Curry’s 73-9 Warriors has a place in the NBA’s history books. In fact, in one of those games, Curry tied the NBA’s single-game record for most 3-pointers in clutch fashion.

In a tight game against the Thunder in overtime, Steve Kerr refused to call timeout. This paved the way for Curry to pull up from near halfcourt to nail the game-winner against the Thunder. It was also his 12th 3-point shot of the game. Later on, Curry would rewrite the record books after sinking 13 threes against the Pelicans.

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