Taylor Swift Shares Intimate Private Home Video With Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift has thrilled her fan base after she officially released a song titled “Fortnight.”

Taylor Swift being kissed by Travis Kelce. Taylor Swift making music

Taylor Swift Travis Kelce (Pictures via Taylor Swift YouTube)

After Swift dropped her highly anticipated new album, The Tortured Poet Department, fans began to buzz about a “Fortnight” challenge the Grammy winner teased.

The “Fortnight” refers to a two-week span of time, and Swift requested fans to post moments of their life along the theme of “14” in a social media post she shared after the release of her album.

“The Department kindly requests your participation in the For a Fortnight Challenge, showing 14 clips from 14 moments of your life… only on @YouTube Shorts,” the post on X read.

This week, Swift participated in her challenge by sharing intimate videos showing her cooking, playing pickleball, working out, and spending some quality time with Travis Kelce.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end could be seen kissing Swift while she is cooking, and they could also be seen watching Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.

The second-long clip shows the “Tortured Poets Department” singer stirring food in a simple black tank top with jeans and a gold necklace. Swift’s cat, Benjamin Button, also makes a cute cameo in the video.

She also posted herself doing arts and crafts and blowing a bubble off a drink.

Travis Kelce Reportedly Willing To Sign Prenup To Marry Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce hugging Taylor Swift (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Travis Kelce reportedly feels so good about how the relationship with Swift is going that he is willing to sign a prenup to wed his superstar girlfriend, via Yahoo.com.

“Travis has no problem signing a prenup because his business team wants to protect his assets. He’ll do whatever it takes. No doubt, it will be bulletproof. It may not be romantic, but it’s smart,” the report claimed.

A source added: “Taylor can see herself married to Travis with children. He’s definitely daddy material in her eyes. That was one of the biggest attractions for her. They’ve grown so close in such a short amount of time. It feels so right. They’re very comfortable spending time together, just the two of them.”

Kelce and Swift have dominated global headlines since she showed up to his football game in September 2023.


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