The Unexpected Explanation for LeBron James’ Exclusive Use of WiFi-Only Cell Phones

Dwyane Wade co-hosted “Live! With Kelly” Thursday, and in a bonus segment after the show aired, the newest member of the Bulls revealed the cheapest person he knows: LeBron James.

The four-time league MVP has no reason to be cheap, considering he played on a nearly $23 million deal last season, but he’s serious about saving money according to Wade and his wife Gabrielle Union. The source of his stinginess? Roaming charges.

“If there’s no Wi-Fi, he does not mess with data roaming,” Union said.

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“This is no joke,” Wade added. “He’s like, ‘I will send this text before I leave the boat because there ain’t gonna be no Wi-Fi probably.’”

Roaming charges are annoying if you can’t afford them as they can get up to $5 per minute, but this is LeBron James we’re talking about. According to Forbes, he’s the third-richest athlete in the world and hauls in $54 million in endorsement deals.

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In fact, he used to star in cell phone commercials for Samsung. Can’t they hook him up with a cell phone network and waive these roaming charges? Let LeBron text and browse Instagram on the banana boat. After bringing a title home to Cleveland, he deserves it.

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