Travis Kelce’s Ex-Girlfriend Slams Taylor Swift Fans Over Their Constant Abuse

Taylor Swift fans have been called out by Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend, Kayla Nicole, and she did not have to mention them so they would know it was about them.

Kayla Nicole posing at event. Taylor Swift on stage.

Kayla Nicole and Taylor Swift (Photos via Getty Images)

Kayla Nicole has had enough of Taylor Swift fans, and she finally decided to fire back at them.

Kayla Nicole took to X just ahead of the pop star’s April 19 release of The Tortured Poets Department. Swifties eagerly anticipated the album and have been excitedly counting down the days as many assumed there would be a song or a few that mentioned her relationship with Travis Kelce.

Nicole, who dated the Kansas City Chiefs tight end on and off for several years before he began dating Swift in 2023, mentioned the latest Beyoncé project on Thursday.

Several fans of Taylor Swift interpreted the tweet as a dig at the “Anti-Hero” singer and began to attack her.

A few hours later, Nicole tweeted what appeared to be a response to the Swifties’ criticisms. Taking to Twitter, Kayla wrote “I’m unproblematic. Mind my business. Never respond to the constant vitriol. Solid as they come & don’t expect a pat on the back for it either. Just know everyone has a breaking point & would love for ‘yall’ (because you know exactly who you are) to leave me alone.”

She also responded to someone who told her to “log off” by saying, “I made 6 real life figures from being ‘logged on’ last year.” She also told the people trolling her to focus on the mattress they have on the floor.

Kayla Nicole Was Forced To Speak Out Once Before Due To Taylor Swift Fans

Kayla Nicole (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)
Last year when Taylor Swift was at the beginning stages of her relationship with Travis Kelce, Kayla Nicole addressed the social media discourse about her ex-boyfriend and herself in a powerful message to Black girls.

Nicole was quiet, but her name kept trending, and fans kept trolling her on Instagram.

In a virtual open letter to Black girls, Nicole expressed her thoughts on the situation in poetic style.

“Black girl […] you don’t have to participate in this tumultuous, often one-sided journey. Preserve your heart. Even when they try to quantify your character and test your boundaries, you do not have to engage,” said Nicole in the video, seemingly referring to the onslaught of online harassment she has received.

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