VIDEO: Caitlin Clark Awkwardly Played On Her Phone After She Was Left Out Of Angel Reese’s WNBA Draft TikTok

Caitlin Clark is not used to being left out of any conversation that has to do with basketball, but she found herself in an awkward position during the WNBA Draft.

Angel Reese and Cameron Brink to a TikTok together.

Angel Reese and Cameron Brink (Photo via @angelreese10 TikTok)

The most-anticipated WNBA Draft in over a decade took place Monday night in New York City — and the top prospects came dressed to impress.

Caitlin Clark, Kamilla Cardoso, Angel Reese, Cameron Brink, and the other prospects attending the 2024 draft got a closer look at the Empire State Building.

During that time, Reese and Brink decided to participate in a TikTok to the tune of a sped-up Barbie Girl by Aqua. The first video showed them at the Empire State Building, posing and playfully playing around.

Then, they both did a quick little spin, which led to the next video of them spinning while rocking their outfits at the WNBA Draft. Caitlin Clark was also part of the TikTok, but not in the way that you would think.

While Reese and Brink posed to show off their sensual outfits, Caitlin Clark could be awkwardly seen in the background sitting on the couch, looking up, and then looking back down as she scrolled through her phone.

Clark did not seem bothered at all. She has bigger fish to fry after she was selected as the first overall pick in the WNBA Draft.

Caitlin Clark Has The Weight of Carrying The Entire WNBA On Her Shoulders

Caitlin Clark (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)
Caitlin Clark won’t have to shoulder the expectations and the spotlight all by herself after being drafted No. 1, but she is looked at as the superstar who can be the face of the league and turn things around for the ladies.

For more than a year now, she’s carried the hopes of women’s basketball on her shoulders as she set record after record.

The eyes of the entire country are on her in a way few other athletes could even fathom, and now they will follow her to the WNBA.

The WNBA’s Fever is now the must-see team because of her, and now we wait for her to deliver.

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