VIDEO: Popular YouTuber Deestroying Broke His Neck While Making A Vicious Tackle During UFL Game

Donald De La Haye, better known as YouTuber Deestroying to his many fans online, has some terrible news involving the state of his professional football career.

Deestroying made his much-anticipated debut in the United Football League as a placekicker last month for the San Antonio Brahmas.

Unfortunately, we likely will not be seeing Deestroying again for the remainder of the season as the popular kicker was placed on the injured reserve list after suffering an injury during their game against the Memphis Showboats.

Donald De La Haye Jr., aka “Deestroying”, made a tackle on Trey Williams in that Showboats game and that seemingly caused him to be injured. Donald can be seen coming up gingerly after the play.

His tackling form was not good as he went head-first into the ball carrier. It should be considered he hasn’t played true football for several years.

On Tuesday, De La Haye posted on Instagram and explained he had fractured his neck in a “couple of places.”

This is just terrible for Deestroying and the fan base that he had grown over the past several years.

The YouTube sensation with more than 5.82 million subscribers signed to play in the newly-formed United Football League in February after the XFL and USFL combined forces to become the ultimate professional spring football league.

Deestroying Battled It Out With The NCAA Years Before The NIL

Donald De La Haye (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)
Deestroying, the 5-foot-9, 170-pound social media star, first rose to National fame back in 2015 when he launched his YouTube channel and sparked major controversy from the NCAA for violating their regulations by profiting from his reputation as a collegiate athlete.

To play football, he would have to give up his YouTube channel, but he chose to give up football instead. He would go on to file a lawsuit against UCF over losing his scholarship and NCAA eligibility in 2018 and settled to finish his education there, via

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