Why Stephen Curry deserves Clutch Player of the Year award, per JJ Redick

JJ Redick’s explanation for why he thinks Warriors star Stephen Curry is deserving of the Clutch Player of the Year award is pretty simple.

The regular season has ended, so it’s time for the discussion regarding who the most deserving players are of winning the season’s biggest individual awards to take place. For JJ Redick, he has already decided on who will get his pick for the Clutch Player of the Year award, and that distinction belongs to none other than Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry.

JJ Redick (current) looking at a smiling Warriors' Stephen Curry, with the Clutch Player of the Year award beside Curry

Speaking on his podcast, The Old Man & The Three, Redick explained his simple rationale for voting the Warriors star as only the second-ever winner of the award, following up De’Aaron Fox’s epic clutch campaign in 2023.

“This was tough. I whittled it down to four guys. Ultimately, I went with Steph even though they had a 23-20 record [in the clutch]. He’s got the most clutch time points. He’s shooting 50 percent from the field, and 46 percent from three in clutch time. More threes than anyone else in clutch time. Just a phenomenal clutch-time performer as always from Steph Curry,” Redick said.

Stephen Curry doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to delivering in the clutch. But the stats don’t lie, and JJ Redick definitely has an ironclad case for voting the Warriors star as the 2024 Clutch Player of the Year.

Stephen Curry, the Warriors’ saving grace

It has been a rough 2023-24 season for the Warriors; Draymond Green was at the center of plenty of drama, Klay Thompson and Chris Paul were locked in a hard-fought battle against Father Time, while Andrew Wiggins, confusingly, has declined precipitously. But throughout all the issues that plagued the Warriors this season, Stephen Curry has remained their saving grace.

Curry had a few clutch moments this season, but there was no bigger evidence of his clutch mastery than when he put the Phoenix Suns’ defense to the sword on February 10. With 3.3 seconds to go, Curry salvaged a broken inbounds play by turning around from well beyond the three-point line, nailing a deep shot that gave the Dubs a one-point lead, leaving only 0.7 seconds on the clock.

Stephen Curry also torched the Boston Celtics on December 19 when he sealed the Warriors’ 24-point comeback with a stone-cold three-pointer in overtime. And then earlier in the season, Curry showed that he’s not just a marksman from long range; he can also do his damage on the interior, defeating his old rival, the Oklahoma City Thunder, with a layup that wasn’t without its fair share of controversy.

Overall, Curry was as locked in as he’s going to get in the clutch this past season. As JJ Redick pointed out, he leads the league in clutch points (189) on stellar shooting splits (69.0 percent true shooting), and he lapped the league in three-point makes during this time span (32 clutch triples vs. 13 from the closest players, Damian Lillard and Buddy Hield).

The Warriors’ clutch record (23-20), as Redick pointed out, should not matter too much. After all, De’Aaron Fox won the award last season by garnering 91 percent of the first-place votes, and that was with the Sacramento Kings going just 22-17 in clutch games.

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