“Woman Beside Me…F**king Door Open”: LeBron James Reveals Secret Behind 21 Year Long Career

In the fast-paced world of professional basketball, where the unending pressure often suffocates even the most seasoned athletes, one man has not only survived but thrived for an unprecedented 21 years: LeBron James. As the NBA icon continues to defy the tests of time, it is clear that his enduring success is not just a result of his physical prowess, but also a less tangible quality – his emotional intelligence. In a recent episode of the Mind the Game podcast that the Lakers player co-hosted alongside former NBA star JJ Redick, discussed the importance of emotional intelligence in an athlete’s life.

From the very beginning of his career to his meteoric rise to superstardom, LeBron James has consistently stayed out of controversy. A rare quality that has not only shaped his professional career but has also contributed to his popularity outside the arena. But what is King James’ secret?

When the sh*t gets bigger than the cat, you get rid of the f**king cat

On the podcast, JJ Redick posed a question to his co-host, he said, “Skillset, talent, size, strength, all that stuff…super important. Basketball intelligence, super important. What about emotional intelligence? What about being able to be a part of a group, be a part of the team, navigate locker room situations, navigate relationships with coaches, relationships in the training room…To last in the NBA, you have to have a level of that”

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In his characteristically candid manner, James offers an analogy for an answer, “It goes back to the saying…when the sh*t gets bigger than the cat, you get rid of the f**king cat.” But what does the player mean by this? He elaborates, “In basketball terms, a lot of players, when they’re at the peak of their performance, but they haven’t respected authority, they haven’t come in and wanted to be a part of the group…they were the sh*t but when that stuff starts to dwindle and the sh*t is not as good as the individual anymore, they get rid of the cat and we see it in sports in general.”

The court has seen many careers be ruined because of controversies. This statement truly encapsulates the player’s belief in the role that qualities such as humility and teamwork play in an individual’s success. While he touches upon the unsaid on court rules, James reminds a demeanor off the court isn’t to be forgone.

LeBron James’ two cents beyond athleticism

On the topic of EQ, LeBron James dwells into the significance of being a good person beyond the confines of one’s athletic achievements. He says, “At the end of the day being a good person. Shouldn’t have to be dedicated to just sports, just being a good f**king person…”Hey, how you doing” “Good Morning” just normal sh*t. If I’m walking to a door and a woman is beside me, no matter if she’s a stranger or not, older or younger, hold the f**king door open for her. That should be easy.”

It becomes clear that his excellence goes beyond his athletic abilities. LeBron’s legacy is not just defined by the titles he has won or the awards he has to his name, his legacy is long-standing because of his impact in people’s lives and gestures he adorns. Like the time he sent shoes to his former high school coach’s squad at BYU, surprised the students at a school he was training at for NBA, or when he gave up No. 23 for Davis.

LeBron James is an inspiration to many, encouraging them to pursue excellence in not only their careers but also invest in their community, as he continues to reign the court.

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