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Kim Kardashian-West, the famous reality TV star and business mogul, has been navigating the challenges of parenting her four children post-divorce with Kanye West. As her kids, North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm, are getting older, Kim has implemented some upgraded house rules to ensure they grow up with love, discipline, and a strong sense of identity. Here’s a breakdown of how Kim Kardashian is parenting her kids in the wake of her divorce:

20 Rules Kim Kardashian's Kids Must Follow

1. No Live Streaming: Kim learned the importance of monitoring her children’s online activities after her daughter North went live on TikTok against household rules. Despite being just 8 years old, North’s adventurous spirit led her to give fans a glimpse into the Kardashian-West household, prompting Kim to reinforce strict guidelines on internet usage.

2. TikTok Rules: While Kim acknowledges her kids’ fascination with social media, she insists on supervision. She attributes North’s openness on social media to her father Kanye’s influence but remains vigilant about online safety, allowing social media access only when monitored.

3. One-on-One Time: Kim prioritizes individual time with each of her children amidst her busy schedule. Despite juggling multiple businesses, she ensures every child receives personal attention, fostering a strong bond with them.

4. Makeup Rules: As the owner of a major cosmetics brand, Kim encourages her kids to experiment with makeup and express themselves creatively. She supports North’s interest in costume and special effects makeup, embracing their exploration of personal style.

5. Co-Parenting With Kanye: Despite the challenges, Kim and Kanye are committed to co-parenting their children amicably. They prioritize the kids’ well-being, demonstrating unity and mutual respect despite their differences.

6. Pete’s Involvement: With her new relationship with SNL star Pete Davidson, Kim gradually integrates him into her children’s lives, prioritizing their comfort and well-being. While maintaining strict parenting rules, she remains open to new experiences and relationships.

7. More Kids?: Speculation arises about expanding the family, hinting at potential future children with Pete Davidson. Kim’s openness to the idea reflects her focus on family and love amid life’s changes.

8. Photo Ops Welcome: Kim shares glimpses of her children’s lives on social media, embracing the spotlight while ensuring their safety and privacy. She recognizes the potential for a future in entertainment for her kids.

9. No Time Outs: Kim adopts a more organic approach to discipline, preferring to let her kids learn from their experiences rather than enforcing traditional timeouts. She values constructive learning over punitive measures.

10. Style Matters: Kim instills a sense of fashion in her children, embracing their individual styles and encouraging self-expression through clothing and accessories.

11. Work Ethic Lessons: Kim and Kanye exemplify hard work, teaching their children the value of dedication and perseverance in achieving success.

12. Tight Schedule: Kim maintains a structured routine for her family, ensuring everyone’s needs are met while balancing work and play.

13. Family First: Kim emphasizes the importance of family bonds, nurturing close relationships among her children and their cousins.

14. Cleanliness: With a penchant for immaculate surroundings, Kim navigates parenthood amidst the challenges of keeping a pristine home with four active children.

15. Religion: Kim encourages her children to explore spirituality and make their own choices regarding religious beliefs.

16. Nannies: Kim acknowledges the need for assistance in parenting and ensures her children’s safety and well-being with the help of trusted nannies.

17. Twins: Kim delights in her children’s resemblances to her and Kanye, embracing their unique identities and characteristics.

18. Hair Extensions: Kim allows her children to experiment with hairstyles, embracing their creativity while maintaining their natural beauty.

19. Private Bodyguards: Kim prioritizes her children’s safety with private bodyguards, ensuring they navigate public spaces securely.

20. No “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” Yet: Kim shields her children from the family’s reality show, recognizing the mature content and preserving their innocence.

As Kim Kardashian-West adapts to life as a single parent, she remains dedicated to providing her children with love, stability, and opportunities for growth. Through her carefully crafted parenting rules, she instills values of independence, creativity, and resilience in her four precious children.

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