(3) Kevin Hart VS Katt Williams – Roasting each other for Tiffany Haddish

The recent announcement of Tiffany Haddish securing a deal with Netflix has sparked discussions about the streaming platform’s approach to comedy and how it supports comedians. While some see it as a positive step towards inclusivity and opportunity, others, like comedian Kevin Hart, have offered a different perspective.

Kevin Hart VS Katt Williams Roasting each other for Tiffany Haddish

Hart recently shared his thoughts on Netflix’s deals and shed light on how the platform operates when it comes to selecting comedians for specials. According to Hart, Netflix doesn’t base its decisions on personal opinions but rather on ticket sales from comedians’ previous tours. This approach reflects Netflix’s focus on market demand rather than subjective preferences.

Hart highlighted the importance of proving oneself as a comedian through consistent performances and unique perspectives. He emphasized that a successful comedy special is distinguished by the comedian’s ability to offer fresh insights and engage audiences effectively.

Addressing specific comedians like Tiffany Haddish, Hart pointed out that while she hasn’t had a solo tour or special yet, her breakout role in “Girls Trip” showcased her talent and potential. He defended her against criticism, emphasizing the years she has dedicated to her craft.

However, Hart also addressed the controversy surrounding fellow comedian Cat Williams’ comments about Haddish and other female comedians. He criticized Williams for not taking responsibility for his actions and questioned his willingness to uplift comedians who were under him.

Despite the controversy, Hart remained respectful towards Williams as a talented comedian but expressed frustration with his negative remarks about Haddish and other female comedians. He emphasized the need for unity and support within the comedy community.

Hart concluded by reaffirming his commitment to creating opportunities for up-and-coming comedians, citing his extensive work in producing comedy specials and promoting new talent. He emphasized the importance of taking responsibility for one’s actions and supporting fellow comedians in their journey.

Overall, Hart’s comments shed light on the complexities of the comedy industry and the challenges faced by comedians, particularly women and minorities. His stance reflects a commitment to fostering inclusivity and opportunity while addressing criticism within the community.

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