(3) P. Diddy’s Son Caught on Tape S.e.x..u.a.l.l.y. Assaulting Yacht Steward: Lawsuit

In a latest legal development, the spotlight shifts from Sean “Diddy” Combs to his son, Christian Combs, as he faces serious allegations of sexual assault. A civil lawsuit filed by attorney Tyrone Blackburn on behalf of his client, Grace Omari, accuses 26-year-old Christian Combs of drugging and sexually assaulting her on a yacht in December of 2022. Omari, a former steward on the yacht, alleges that what was supposed to be a “wholesome family excursion” turned into a nightmare of rampant drug use and sexual misconduct.

P. Diddy’s Son Caught on Tape Sexually Assaulting Yacht Steward: Lawsuit

According to Omari’s account in the lawsuit, the atmosphere on the yacht was described as hedonistic, with allegations of drug-laced drinks causing women to pass out or lose control. Christian Combs, reportedly intoxicated, is accused of pressuring Omari to consume alcohol and then making unwanted advances, including groping and attempting to force her into performing sexual acts.

Omari claims to have resisted Christian’s advances and sought refuge in a cinema room on the yacht. However, Christian allegedly pursued her, forcibly undressed, and attempted further assault until interrupted by another individual. Omari reported the incident to the yacht’s captain the following day, but alleges that her complaint was dismissed, leading to retaliation and eventual termination of her employment.

The lawsuit also implicates Sean “Diddy” Combs, who is named as a defendant for aiding and abetting Christian’s behavior and premises liability as the leaseholder of the yacht. Omari’s attorney draws parallels between Christian’s alleged actions and the behavior attributed to his father, suggesting a pattern of depravity passed down from one generation to another.

P. Diddy's Son Caught on Tape Sexually Assaulting Yacht Steward: Lawsuit -  YouTube

This lawsuit comes amidst a broader sex trafficking investigation involving Diddy’s family, with raids conducted by Homeland Security investigators at Diddy’s homes in Miami and Los Angeles. While no criminal charges have been filed against Diddy or his sons, the civil lawsuits add to the mounting legal troubles facing the family.

However, the legal battle is not without its controversies. Attorney Tyrone Blackburn, representing both Omari and another plaintiff, Rodney Jones, has faced criticism for his litigation tactics. United States District Court Judge Denise Cote has referred Blackburn to the federal court grievance committee, citing issues with his filings and behavior in court. Critics allege that Blackburn’s lawsuits are aimed at garnering media attention and pressuring defendants into quick settlements.

In response to the allegations, Blackburn maintains his focus on representing his clients and vows to continue pursuing justice in their cases. Despite the ongoing legal drama, it’s essential to note that Diddy and his sons remain innocent until proven guilty, and these civil lawsuits represent allegations that have yet to be substantiated in court.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the public awaits further developments in this high-profile case, which has already captured significant attention due to the involvement of a prominent celebrity family.

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