(3)CAN’T FACE IT! North West leaks ‘unflattering’ and ‘strange’ photo of mom Kim Kardashian, fans say

During their trip to Palm Springs, North West, the daughter of Kim Kardashian, took a series of photographs that she considered unflattering of her mother. The family traveled to Kris Jenner’s stunning estate to celebrate the Easter holiday, capturing every moment of the vacation. North, who is 10 years old, took numerous selfies with her 43-year-old mother, Kim. She then compiled these photos into a TikTok video, showcasing moments of both of them smiling and pouting for the camera.

North West leaks 'unflattering' and 'strange' photo of mom Kim Kardashian, fans  say from family's Palm Springs trip | The Sun

Among the images shared, one depicted Kim wearing a white dress with a plunging neckline and her hair styled in a tidy updo, while North stood next to her, posing with a peace sign and a pout. However, some Reddit users found the photos peculiar, commenting on Kim’s appearance, particularly her eyes, which seemed to be oddly positioned.

The discussion on Reddit led to various interpretations, with some questioning if Kim was intentionally winking or if her eye appeared misplaced. Others criticized Kim’s signature “kissy lip” pose, labeling it as ridiculous and excessive. One user humorously imagined Kim’s children reacting to these photos in the future, highlighting the potential embarrassment they might feel.

North West leaks 'scary' photo of mom Kim Kardashian's secret 'mustache' fans  say is from 'too much filler' | The Sun

Criticism of Kim’s appearance is not new, despite her seemingly ageless appearance on social media. Despite previous claims of abstaining from Botox, Kim has been transparent about her use of the treatment. During a family gathering at Kris Jenner’s residence, Kim joked about the muscles in her neck being immobilized by Botox, referencing the speculation surrounding her cosmetic procedures.

Rumors about Kim’s plastic surgery history have circulated among her followers, with some speculating about lip fillers, a nose job, and a Brazilian butt lift. Dr. Daniel Barrett, a cosmetic surgeon from Beverly Hills, estimated that Kim may have spent up to $170,000 on various surgeries, including a Brazilian butt lift, nose job, breast augmentation, and liposuction.

North West leaks 'unflattering' and 'strange' photo of mom Kim Kardashian, fans  say from family's Palm Springs trip | The US Sun

Despite these rumors, Kim has denied undergoing any facial cosmetic surgery, claiming to have only used minimal Botox. She emphasized her commitment to her appearance, stating that she cares deeply about how she looks. However, she admitted to cosmetic treatments, including laser treatments, done discreetly late at night.

In conclusion, North West’s candid photographs of her mother Kim Kardashian during their Palm Springs trip sparked discussions about Kim’s appearance and cosmetic procedures. While Kim denies extensive plastic surgery, speculation persists, reflecting the ongoing fascination and scrutiny surrounding celebrity images and beauty standards.

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